15 Reasons Frenchies Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

Representatives of the French Bulldog breed always attract the attention of others with their unusual appearance and funny antics. Large erect ears on a round head with a flattened snub snout make them look like bats. With their small size, these dogs have developed muscles, a dense physique, and self-confidence, which would be the envy of even representatives of larger breeds.

French Bulldogs are very friendly to people, quickly become attached to the owner, and are ready to accompany him everywhere, becoming loyal companions. Internal restraint and fabulous appearance have made many favorites of this interesting breed of dogs. Proud, calm, confident, somewhat phlegmatic creatures easily become active and become playful and amusing, joining the proposed game. The French Bulldog easily makes contact with both a child and an adult.

But is it? Let’s take a look below.

#1 They really hate being in water

#2 And hate being with you..

#3 Like really hate being with you…

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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