15 Reasons Why Corgis Make Great Pets

Corgis are small short-toed dogs with a cheerful and sociable character. But despite the medium size, cute appearance, and rather good-natured nature, this breed is working and belongs to the family of shepherds. Corgi has long been used as a herding dog, and now they are often used as a bloodhound in the police.

#1 Corgi is a cheerful, friendly dog, has a high level of energy and is ready to go in search of adventure at any time.

#2 Due to their small size, these pets feel great in city apartments, however, the best place for them is a private house, where they have their own garden and the opportunity to walk along the green lawns in the area.

#3 The Pembroke Corgi has a cheerful disposition – you definitely won’t be bored with it.

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