15 Reasons Why Pug Shouldn’t Be Trusted

The pug breed of dog is very attached to its family and has a hard time going through a long separation, so if you are going on a long trip, you better take your pet with you. Due to their size, they easily adapt to various living conditions, it is easy to travel with them and live even in a small one-room apartment. At the same time, the pug will always be happy and happy to be with his beloved owner. The main thing is not to infringe on him, to show respect, and be moderately strict.

Chinese pugs treat other pets well, they love to spend time with children, but they need early socialization, otherwise, the character in adulthood may deteriorate. They love to be in the hands of their masters – they can be easily spoiled if you do not pay enough attention to education.

#1 They always feel like real hosts in the house!

#2 They really hate being in water.

#3 They will kick you out with your own bed!

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