15 Things Pekingese Don’t Like

The Pekingese is an outstanding breed due to its past. It was the Pekingese who were the companions of the Imperial Chinese judges, despite this, the dogs are very affectionate and friendly. These animals are quite capricious, they are very persistent and demand respect for themselves.

Nature has endowed the Pekingese with such a trait as vigilance, which makes it an indispensable guard dog. The special attentiveness and sonorous voice of the animal is the key to the excellent work of the Pekingese as a watchman.

If you are looking for a dog that doesn’t have to worry about grooming, then the Pekingese is definitely not for you! The coat of this breed requires careful maintenance. Expect to spend at least an hour a week brushing your long hair. You will also need to trim your claws quite often. It should be understood that caring for hair and nails is not only a matter of beauty, but also health. Improper hair care can lead to various skin diseases. It is impossible not to mention another not entirely pleasant characteristic: Pekingese snore in their sleep!

#1 They Hate To Bond With their Humans…

#2 They’re Not Really Good In Modeling, And They Don’t Like Posing For Photos…

#3 These Dogs Hate Sleeping…

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