16 Amazing Facts About Basenji Dogs You Might Not Know

#4 These dogs were honored highly and were considered a living amulet. Evidence of this is the wall paintings inside the tombs of the pharaohs and the mummies of dogs buried with all due honors.

#5 Nature has endowed them with good health, strong immunity, fearlessness and self-confidence. Looking at any photo of the Basenji, you see the appearance of the breed exactly the same as it was five thousand years ago.

#6 Why don’t Basenji bark?

The indigenous Congolese tribes have a legend of an important secret held by one tribe. Once the leader of a pack of Basenji, who is called here in the local dialect "a creature from the thickets", accidentally overheard this secret. Realizing that he could accidentally let it slip, the leader, along with his flock, promised people never to tell about what he had heard. Since then, they say, they are silent, true to their oath.

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