16 Amazing Facts About Basenji Dogs You Might Not Know

#7 The legend is a legend, but the fact is indisputable: the Basenji are not silent. And yet they bark, but quite rarely. Much more often from them you can hear growling, snorting, sighing. Even a mumble that resembles the grumbling of a displeased person.

#8 Such a characteristic “singing” is associated with the shape of the structure of the larynx. According to one theory, the inability to bark is the result of selection and selection in the conditions of life in Central Africa – barking could attract enemies to peop

#9 Basenji are animals of a social type of behavior.

Under natural conditions, they live in small flocks. However, Basenjis value human interaction very much. African pygmies feed them and take them with them to hunt. As such, they are wonderful - almost always full of energy and initiative.

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