16 Amazing Facts About Poodles You Might Not Know

Poodles are widespread dogs, and surely each of us has seen them at least once in our life. These intelligent, agile, playful, and loyal creatures were bred hundreds of years ago, and they remain the favorites of many people to this day. Behind the sometimes strange and unusual haircuts of well-groomed poodles hides remarkable intelligence and amazing endurance.

#1 Representatives of this breed have a unique coat structure, and therefore poodles are often crossed with other breeds and new ones are bred.

cockapoo (crossing with a cocker spaniel), a poodle-pointer (with an English pointer), a Goldendoodle (with a Labrador retriever and a golden retriever).

#2 The poodle is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers. Representatives of this breed have a soft fluffy coat that practically does not shed and does not emit a characteristic doggy smell.

#3 But since these dogs’ fur grows constantly, it must be trimmed periodically.

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