16 Amazing Facts About Whippets You Might Not Know

#7 Whippets have very little body fat—they weigh just 15 to 30 pounds—so they need an extra layer or two when winter rolls around. (Luckily, they look pretty cute in sweaters and coats.)

#8 One gene mutation, which only occurs in whippets, can make them very muscular. These unusually-fit dogs are called bully whippets. Sadly, breeders will often put these dogs down for not meeting the proper standards.

The myostatin gene is the component responsible for the dogs' strong builds. Two myostatin genes create a normal whippet, while two mutant myostatin genes create a bully whippet. The reason this mutation has not been totally bred out of the breed is that having one of each makes for an extremely fast racing whippet.

#9 One bully whippet named Wendy made headlines in 2007 for her extremely brawny physique.

Dubbed the “strongest dog in the world” (this, of course, is up for debate), Wendy captivated the public. Rumors that Wendy was on steroids, or was a genetically modified soldier dog, circulated on the Internet. In reality, Wendy was a normal whippet with just a slightly different genetic makeup.

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  1. I think one of my Whippets has this condition. She is very strong and her muscles are obvious. She is pure Whippet. Both parents were AKC certified. I did not certify them because I wanted companions. My most current Whippet I got as a pup. That was an exercise. I normally get my Whippets from breeders that had been keeping them for a few years. They do all of the training. This puppy, I had to do more training than normal. I love Whippets.

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