16 Amazing Facts About Whippets You Might Not Know

#13 As part of the plot for the movie Alien 3, an alien chest-burster comes out of an ox. These creatures were meant to resemble whatever animal they emerged from, so filmmakers needed to create an alien that would scurry around on all fours.

Given that they're both small and fast, whippets seemed like the natural solution. But after fitting one into the alien suit, two problems emerged: One, you can't cover a dog's face without making it panic, and two, whippets have a uniquely adorable walk. Watching a whippet run down a corridor in costume was not quite as horrifying as the director hoped, so the idea was scrapped.

#14 Many people think that Whippets are a little fearful because they have a tendency to shake and shiver. Like most dog breeds, Whippets will of course tremble if something frightens them, but this doesn’t mean they’re scaredy cats… erm, scared dogs!

Healthy Whippets don’t have a lot of fat. They’re also thin-skinned and have a single coat so they are especially sensitive to cold. This is why they’re not overly keen on winter walks when they need to be wrapped in Whippet sweaters or coats.

Whippets also shake when they’re excited. I see this most often when I’m driving Misty to her favorite walking spot: she knows where we are headed and begins to shiver in anticipation.

#15 As a rule, Whippets don’t bark very much… in fact they’re quite famous as non-barkers.

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Written by Alice White

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  1. I think one of my Whippets has this condition. She is very strong and her muscles are obvious. She is pure Whippet. Both parents were AKC certified. I did not certify them because I wanted companions. My most current Whippet I got as a pup. That was an exercise. I normally get my Whippets from breeders that had been keeping them for a few years. They do all of the training. This puppy, I had to do more training than normal. I love Whippets.

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