16 Facts About Raising and Training a Golden Retrievers

Not surprisingly, the Golden Retriever is one of the ten most popular breeds in the world. The main reasons for its popularity were the mind of this animal, its sociability, beauty, and devotion. The Golden Retriever was bred to help humans, so it is always eager to please its owner. In order for the dog to comply with all the described features, it is necessary to deal with it and show constant attention to the pet. Like any dog, the Golden Retriever needs early socialization. This is best done from day one. Systematic work on socialization will be the key to the correct development of the puppy.

#1 The nature of golden retrievers is not deprived of intelligence and memory, so any lessons the dog grasps on the fly.

#2 The first thing that begins with training a Golden Retriever puppy is obedience: the animal must understand what is permissible for him and what is not.

#3 Do not give in to the momentary desire to remove all prohibitions and pamper your baby, so to speak, as an exception. Puppy pranks will quickly cease to seem touchingly funny after a 40-kg dog begins to practice them.

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