16 Facts About Raising and Training Chihuahua Dogs

#4 A baby dog will need to be accustomed to walking ammunition at an early age.

To do this, a miniature collar and leash must be presented to the dog's gaze, allowing the chihuahua to get used to new objects. Then every day, at least for 10 minutes, you should put on a collar and a leash on the pet so that there are no incidents on the street.

#5 Team “Fu!” you also need to learn.

During the walk, you can watch the puppy. Trying to pick something up from the ground? You should lightly tug on the leash, uttering the command strictly and clearly. The same must be done if the dog, for example, sniffs other people's marks, takes a treat from someone else's hands.

#6 Chihuahua puppy training includes the “Lie down” command.

To do this, the owner takes some delicacy in his hand (pieces of cheese, biscuit biscuits, dog biscuits, etc.). The dog is next to it in a sitting position. The treat lowers the owner closer to the floor, making sure that the dog does not just bend over, but lies down. All the time it is required to pronounce the command "Lie down". It is permissible to lightly press on the back of the dog as if helping her to lie down.

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