16 Interesting Facts About Beagles You Never Knew

#13 Alert: Beagle out of control

Always follow your nose, this can sometimes backfire: If your Beagle, driven by hunting instinct, chases the neighbor's rabbit to death, then there are not only tears but often also tangible financial compensation claims. Breeding dogs will always remain animals that sometimes behave unpredictably. All the better if you are prepared for emergencies with dog liability insurance like Coya. Take a look now at which insurance claims a dog liability insurance can cover.

#14 The original job of these dogs was to track down and chase game.

The Beagle belongs to the hunting dogs and has a strong hunting instinct. Its ancestors hunted in packs of dogs in England a few centuries ago. This behavior is still noticeable in the character of the beagle today.

#15 Brush the fur regularly to remove dust and other debris. In this way you also remove loose hair that sometimes cannot end up on your carpet or even on the couch. This is particularly useful when the dog changes its coat at the beginning of the cold or warm season. Because of this, he sheds hair particularly heavily.

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