16 Interesting Facts About Dachshunds

#13 Often the stubborn and quirks of a naughty dachshund are smiled at, because they can’t really do much damage.

The inconveniences that can result from careless upbringing are sometimes quite significant: it has happened that a dachshund who has risen to become the head of the family has badly injured his owners because his teeth are the same as those of a medium-sized dog.

#14 Not to mention the loss of image an entire breed suffers from being naughty, barking and snapping in public. So: No matter how sweet and mischievous a dachshund may look, it can strive to get its way.

#15 There are very different individuals: Some dachshunds are rather phlegmatic, while others cannot sit still for ten minutes. It is very important to talk to the breeder in detail about his ideas!

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