16 Pictures That Prove Maltese Are Perfect Weirdos

The Maltese are affectionate, trusting, and very obedient. As a rule, dogs of this breed are extremely friendly and loving, they just love it when you hold them in your arms and now and then climb to hug you. They get along well with other pets, but you should not get this dog if you have too small or too playful children in your family who can hurt her. They are very attached to the person and are terribly sad when you leave them alone for long periods of time. Despite its small size, Maltese is always ready to protect his master, he will bark desperately and may even bite if he suddenly feels threatened. It is a fearless, energetic, and very agile breed. Maltese devotes himself completely to his master and his family.

#1 They Have Big Hearts

#2 This breed can be difficult to housebreak😃

#3 Daily massages can prolong the length and quality of your canine’s life.

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