16 Reasons Why Dachshunds Make Great Friends

The Dachshund is an agile, curious, and resourceful dog. She has quite human qualities: independence, the ability to assess the situation and find the optimal solution.

In addition, dogs, even those endowed with a strong character, dearly love their owners and make it clear.

The behavior of dachshunds is always confident – both at home and on a walk. Affection in them is combined with self-esteem.

Many dachshunds have a penchant for pranks while showing clown talents. They are also skillful thieves, but they get away with a lot of thanks to their amazing facial expressions and artistry. In most cases, these are funny, playful and at the same time gentle dogs.

#1 Yes, all dogs give unconditional love, but dachshunds are unique in this. Because they dig holes, they love to hide in your sheets or clothes.

#2 Refer to stubby legs. There’s no way they can jump up on the counter and steal your Thanksgiving turkey with those legs. Their puppy eyes when they beg, however, is a different story.

#3 Dachshunds actually have a pretty good estimated lifespan. They can range from 12 to 17 years, but 20 is the oldest known dachshund.

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