16 Reasons Why Vizslas are the Best Dogs Ever

Vizsla is a social creature, they like it when each family member pays attention to them. However, no matter how warmly the dog treats its pets, the owner will always play a special role in her life.

These dogs will not get bored alone, waiting all day for the owner to return from work. They are very dependent on human attention, therefore, while you are at work, the animal can play with your things and furniture, often rendering everything unusable.

At first glance, the Hungarian Vizsla seems to be quite aggressive, as if born to guard the house, but in fact, this breed does a very bad job of being a watchman. The fact is that the characteristics of the Hungarian Vizsla breed speak of natural friendliness, so the dog rejoices at every new acquaintance, good-naturedly wagging its tail. She would rather lick thieves than bark them.

#1 The Hungarian Vizsla dog breed has a rather soft, docile nature, and needs close contact with humans.

That is, it is a certain characteristic feature that has been developed over centuries of interaction and hunting side by side with its owner.

#2 The dog cannot be alone for a long time, in addition, it is not recommended to leave them alone during the day.

#3 In the bosom of his family, the dog usually shows great love and affection, I always try to participate in family affairs.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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