16 Undeniable Truths Only Whippet Pup Parents Understand

#4 Every Whippet’s nightmare is loneliness and lack of attention from the owner.

#5 Representatives of this breed are intelligent, touchy natures, and it is better to treat them delicately.

#6 Despite the fragile psyche of the breed, you should not play along and give in to the Whippets if you do not want to get a spoiled and destructive pet.

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  1. When I built my current house 15 years ago I carefully planes the inside so the Whippets could run. They use it every day. Some days get too hot. I landscaped the yard to take as little space as possible and grass in the rest for the dogs.. Again they car run a figure 8 or circle or whatever. This summer I am going to put DOG certified artificial turf in. When I lived in California I had a great dog park close that we spent an hour at every day we could., but not here. So I had to find some places they can run. I love to watch my 2 Whippets chase each other around the house.

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