17 Best Pug Memes

Knowing the breed standards and being able to evaluate the appearance of the parents of the future puppy can give an advantage when buying. Thus, you can roughly imagine the appearance of the baby when he grows up, and reduce the price of a puppy with detected deviations from the standards, reject kennels with a low-quality gene pool.

The pug’s body shape is square, the head is large, round in shape with a short muzzle, large eyes, a folded forehead, and small ears. Pugs are classified as brachycephalic from the ancient Greek βραχύς – short and κεφαλή – head. The muzzle in representatives of such breeds is shortened in comparison with an ordinary dog, the jaw is poorly developed. The dog’s chest is wide, the back is straight, not sloping. Pugs have strong front and hind legs. They are not too short and set wide apart. The tail set on high is curled into a tight curl, close to the back. The coat is smooth and short, seemingly shiny and soft to the touch. The coat color has varieties: fawn, silver, apricot, and black. A characteristic feature is the presence of a black mask on the muzzle, contrasting with the rest of the color.

We have collected great memes about these dogs for you!

#1 Let me in…

#2 “When will I see you again?”

#3 I don’t always sneeze directly into your face…

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