17 Breed Reviews: Alaskan Malamute

#4 Smart dogs; Moderate temperament (in comparison with husky); Get along with all family members (including cats); Easy to train.

#5 Wonderful dog and devoted friend

#6 Your cheerful companion

I wanted a dog of "Alaskan Malamute" breed for a long time and very much. Yielding to my requests, my husband finally gave in and bought it for me. Although for the price, to be honest, the breed is not cheap. In addition, it is worth considering the fact that vitamin supplements, dairy products, fish and meat should be included in your pet's diet. And it’s not that cheap. Therefore, if you are not ready for such costs, then it is better to refuse to buy this breed. Further ... it is extremely undesirable to keep such a dog in an apartment - you will torment both her and yourself, besides, damage to personal property is inevitable. You should have plenty of time to nurture and walk your pet. After all, you need to walk with them at least 2 hours a day on foot and give the dog a sufficient amount of stress. Otherwise, her irrepressible energy will not be beneficial. By its nature, this breed is a working one. You just need to load it with training for normal full development. If you raise your dog correctly, you will get an obedient dog that will regularly follow your commands. Otherwise, the dog will do whatever he pleases and no physical force will force him to obey you.

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  1. Not a very accurate overview of Alaskan Malamutes unfortunately. Didn’t even mention the COPIOUS shedding that occurs twice a year, their predatory nature, their independent and stubborn streak that makes them totally unreliable off leash, etc. This is a working dog with traits that made it suitable to work long and hard in one of the harshest environments on earth!

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