17 Breed Reviews: Chow Chow

#7 Wayward, but more kind than an evil bear.

Smart, kind, a lot of wool, snores, does not tolerate heat, wayward.

#8 An intelligent, clean dog with a proud character.

I do not agree with the statement that a dog is not suitable for protection. Her protective instinct is perfectly expressed.

We spend all weekends fishing in the woods. As soon as we set up a tent and a tent, our chow begins to patrol the territory. Of course, he does not bite anyone, but he warns everyone passing by with a low grunt - "do not enter my territory." When he gets tired of sitting with us on the shore of the lake, he goes to the campsite and guards.

#9 Philosopher in Dog’s Skin

Calm, balanced, kind, barks only on business, cleanliness, no smell, with a big heart, for apartment maintenance, allergy sufferers.

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