17 Breed Reviews: Chow Chow

#10 Plush joy in your home!

Chow Chow dog. The dog looks like a teddy bear, children adore 🙂 There are no particular problems with it, the smart one - understands everything. The character really loves to show, if he does not want to go somewhere, then at least drag him, he will not go. Eating, oddly enough, she loves homemade food more (soups, side dishes, everything on the table) than dry food special for dogs. Hot weather is hard to endure, probably because of the thick wool, it is hot. In the rain will not go outside, immediately runs into the entrance. Playful, she loves to play with cats (she plays with ours), only street people do not want to play with her. In winter she is very active, lying in the snow, running, jumping.

#11 Positive emotions remained

Very kind, patient, and funny, often needs to be combed out.

#12 Fluffy teddy bear

Wool does not smell (except when wet), snoring, wayward character.

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