17 Celebrities With Boxer Dogs

The Boxer is a medium-sized guard dog. For household members, she is a devoted and loyal friend, for strangers – a formidable watchman. Among all guard dogs, the Boxer is the most cheerful, playful. He loves children very much, is ready to frolic with them all day long. It seems that he has an inexhaustible supply of energy.

If the distant ancestors of the Boxer took part in battles, fought with wild animals while hunting, and guarded farm goods, then the role of modern representatives of this breed is completely different.
Now the Boxer is used as a guide for people with disabilities, as a police dog and a watchman. Also, a loyal companion comes out of a well-mannered Boxer.

This dog breed has won the hearts of many celebrities. Let’s see the photo!

#1 Alan Ladd

#2 Audrey Hepburn

#3 Cesar Millan

Alice White

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