17 Funny Pekingese Memes

Trying to appeal to the dog’s conscience, to put pressure on it, to influence with a cry is useless. Representatives of this breed hear only what they want to hear. Although, if we allow rudeness in relation to the Pekingese, a lion wakes up in them, defending his own interests to the victorious. And yet, the Pekingese is quite sociable guys, willingly sharing leisure with the owner according to their mood. At the same time, they are very independent and, as befits royalty, do not depend on human attention. Need to leave a descendant of Fu dogs for a couple of hours alone? No problems! The fluffy aristocrat does not get bored alone with himself and in your absence, he will willingly “comprehend Zen” on your sofa.

Below we have selected the best memes with these dogs 🙂

#1 When you want the latest hairdo but your mom still cuts your hair.

#2 What can you never eat for breakfast?

#3 Don’t forget your seatbelt daddy.

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