17 Funny Schnauzer Memes

All three breeds differ only in size, and their constitution, as well as their character traits, are similar. All schnauzers are distinguished by an elongated head, a blunt muzzle, a flat forehead, semi-erect ears (which can be cropped), dark oval-shaped eyes, a muscular neck, without a rake, a square body, straight limbs, strong, rather wide set, the tail has a saber shape. The coat of schnauzers is hard with a developed undercoat, on the eyebrows (the eyes should not be completely hidden by the flowing hair), and on the beard it is always elongated. Coat color – black (in miniature schnauzers, sometimes with white markings in the area of the muzzle, chest, inner part of the abdomen, near the anus), pepper and salt (dark gray undercoat and relatively light gray wool), also in miniature schnauzers there is a white shade of wool

Below we have selected the best Schnauzer memes 🙂

#1 Went to the dog park yesterday, saw the cutest thing…

#2 I am one with the leaves.

#3 Aww come on! It’s not like you really needed it!

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