17 Historical Facts About Great Danes You Might Not Know

#10 Aristotle in his writings paid tribute to the incredible power and natural strength of war dogs.

#11 Images of huge dogs are found on runestones that have survived to this day, they are mentioned in the Old Icelandic epic, “Elder Edda”, the collection of the Museum of Natural History of Denmark can boast of those found during excavations. e. and X century A.D. e.

#12 For a long time, there was a real confusion about the names.

French Dogue Allemand, German Englische Docke, English German boarhound, German Dogge, German Mastiff, as well as Ulmer Dogge, Danische Dodge, Hatzrude, Saupacker, Kammerhunde and other variants of names, in fact, meant the same type of dog, although from- there was no need to talk about a single breed for the difference in phenotype.

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