17 Historical Facts About Lagotto Romagnolo Dogs You Might Not Know

The Lagotto Romagnolo (Lake Dog from Romagna) is an excellent working dog originally from Romagna (region of Northern Italy). This dog was originally bred for hunting purposes, and its specialization was the extraction of games killed by hunters from the water. Nowadays, her beautiful nose is mainly used for finding Italian truffles. Lagotto Romagnolo will also be a great family companion, good-natured and wonderful when interacting with young children.

#1 From the 16th century onwards books on folklore, local culture, customs, and hunting are full of citations that mention the utilization of a small curly-coated dog used to retrieve water game.

#2 Impressive is the painting dating back to the mid-1600s, attributed to the workshop of the “Guercino” from Cento of Ferrara portrays the same painter together with a Lagotto that extraordinarily looks like today’s dogs.

#3 Even as far back as 1920, the Lagotto was well known in the valleys of the Romagna The Apennines, in the Senio Valley, Lamone Valley, and especially in the Santerno Valley.

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