17 Informative and Interesting Facts About Portuguese Water Dogs

#13 Most Portuguese Water Dogs have black, white, black and white, brown, or silver-tipped coats. It’s also common to see white spots on their chest or white or black and brown on their legs.

When a Portuguese Water Dog has white and black spots, it’s called the “Irish-mark.” This coat type is very rare but visually striking

#14 Interestingly, in Portugal, the breed standard does not allow more than 30% of white markings on the dog. And overall, white is the least common coat colour for a Portuguese Water Dog.

The most common color in a coat is black and white markings on the Portuguese Water Dog’s chin; this is called a “milk chin.”

#15 There are two main types of coat style: curly coat and wavy coat. The curly Portuguese Water Dog is compact with cylindrical curls and is considered lusterless. The hair on the curly coat can also be sometimes wavy around the ears.

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