17 Reasons Why Pug Shouldn’t Be Trusted

Despite the fact that the pug breed has a developed intelligence, it is not easy to train them. By and large, this does not make much sense, since this breed belongs to decorative, and therefore it is enough to teach your pet a few basic commands. However, enough attention must be paid to character building so that the dog does not become spoiled.

Various tricks can be used here, such as rewards for obedience, manipulation of meals, toys, walks, and raising hands. If a dog commits an offense, it is important not only to yell at it but when in half an hour the pet wants to play, do not give him his favorite toy and strictly remind him that he is now being punished. It is important not to bend here, especially with delaying the moment of eating.

#1 Here is the confirmation!

#2 It’s seriously some intense hatred.

#3 They can’t make friends.

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