17 Undeniable Truths Only Airedale Terrier Pup Parents Understand

Airedale terriers are distinguished by their goodwill towards people and a lively, sharp mind. When communicating with this dog, one gets the impression of complete understanding. They are emotional, highly adaptable, and easy to train.

With all the excellent qualities of this breed, Airedale Terriers have a high tendency to dominate, which means that in interaction with the dog there should be a partner model, without suppression and aggression. This moment is solved by correct behavior and consistent training.

#1 it is a “multinational fusion” of terriers, shepherds, mastiffs, hounds and cops.

#2 But Airedale Terriers are not only suitable for work on the battlefield, they are also used for hunting, they can graze livestock and even guard people.

#3 Airedale takes part in outdoor games with pleasure and is ready to accompany its owners everywhere

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