17 Undeniable Truths Only Border Collie Pup Parents Understand

A border collie dog is a great companion for a person of any age, for a lone owner, or a large family with several children. These dogs have an excellent mind, they perfectly understand their owner and can be trained in a wide variety of commands. They love children very much, and in general, they love people.

You can, without the slightest fear, leave one or more children with a border collie dog, and be sure that the animal will not show the slightest hint of any aggression, and even protect and try to protect your child from careless actions. Border Collies are very loyal to their family, they see the meaning of their existence in making their owners happy and helping them in every way possible.

#1 Master of food begging.

#2 Waiting patiently for someone to come outside to play.

#3 So sleeepy

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