18 Breed Reviews: Labrador Retriever (Part 3)

#4 Cheerful and kind friend

Our acquaintance with Labrador happened 2 years ago. As a puppy, he was mischievous and in the first six months of his life, he gnawed several pairs of shoes, as well as linoleum in the corridor. But then he gave us his boundless love, which is why we walked around all scratched. As an adult, our friend became calmer but still jumps happily, meeting us at the door. He loves children very much, which is why we chose this breed. He is very happy that a new member of our family was born and is always trying to lick the child. There is no jealousy and anger - this is a beautiful breed. The only negative is the wool in the apartment and its importunity and begging for food (Suddenly, something will fly from the table).

#5 Dog is man’s friend

Labrador dog is a kind, very beautiful pet. My girlfriend has such a dog, when we came to the shelter, the choice immediately fell on a Labrador, the dog is obedient, does not shit, does not play pranks, as other dogs do. If there is no one at home, she waits until they walk her, listens to her master. The eraser is very fond of kids, often very fond of being scratched, so you have to save yourself a couple of combs. The only problem is that we don't bring him down, and he pokes everything that moves, just jumps on the person's leg and starts, the spectacle is certainly funny. The dog is worthy of respect.

#6 Good friend

A dog of this breed is an excellent companion, very friendly towards people and other animals. Easy to train, very obedient, although in the first year of life she brought you a few problems, in the form of gnawed shoes, torn wallpaper and baseboards, and so on. I do not recommend leaving her at a young age alone at home for a long time; upon coming home, you will find complete chaos in the apartment. But all this passes with age, and next to you there will be a faithful, reliable friend, whose companion you will love with all your heart !!!! Well, everyone knows what advantages this breed has, they are excellent rescuers, guides. This breed is simply excellent in everything! If you decide to have a dog, I recommend this breed. And of course, your kids will be happy with this pet!

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