18 Breed Reviews: Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is the king of retrievers. It is the ideal family dog, with a good temperament, capable of showing boundless love even for strangers. If there are small children in the house, this is not an obstacle to getting this particular breed, since dogs are very friendly towards all family members. One but: on a walk, the Labrador is very active, and a small child is unlikely to be able to cope with an adult dog, even a well-trained one. She may love your children, but they will not become an authority for her.

Let’s see what the owners of this breed think about the Labrador.

#1 More affectionate than a cat…

From the very first days of his stay with us, he began to show his abilities and intelligence, went to the toilet on the street, in extreme cases - on a special diaper. Over time, he began to adopt the habits of family members and develop his own. For example, he likes to look in the mirror, especially before a walk, putting on a collar, stands in front of the mirror, looks and waits for him to be told: "What a beauty." He immediately wags his tail and goes for a walk.

#2 Labrador puppy is your choice

Distinctive character traits are good temperament, kindness, affection, devotion to their family, intelligence, and obedience. They can endure almost everything from children, love their company, and sometimes seem to be just holy creatures, demanding nothing from life except the society of your family.

Labradors will never growl; they cannot pose a danger to other dogs, and even more so to humans. The only drawback of a Labrador retriever is too much friendliness.

The Labrador Retriever is a beautiful, large dog, kind, with a balanced psyche, very understanding, and will never offend children. From the first days of the breed's development, only black dogs were considered hunters. Fawn was gradually adopted, and then chocolate.

#3 True loyal friend

To everyone who is determined in the breed of a friend whom he is thinking of making, I strongly recommend the breed - Labrador. It is possible to list the advantages of this dog for a very long time, but to feel it on yourself is much better. This is really a FRIEND! Kind, cheerful, always mischievous, devoted, affectionate Labrador Retriever !!!

Mine loves flowers !!!

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