18 Breed Reviews: Labrador Retriever

#7 Family member

I like animals a lot. A cat, a lop-eared, has been living in our family for a long time. And I have long looked after us one more pet. This is a Labrador breed puppy. But we wanted to take him with documents and pedigree, not everything turned out so quickly, because it is not a very cheap pleasure.

But finally, they gave me a tiny labrador boy for my birthday, I named him Mark. This miracle was only 2 months old, he cried, apparently missed his mother. I didn’t leave him almost, I tried to feed him with homemade food, without any chemistry.

Mark is now 2 years old. He's just handsome! He is very kind and affectionate. During these 2 years, I do not remember that he bit someone, when the children came, he played with them affectionately, allowed him to climb out on himself, and pull by the ear. And it was clear that it was his pleasure)

And what is very nice, the dog got along with the cat) They got along well in the same house!

#8 A good friend for children, will always have fun

Good afternoon, I am a happy owner of a Labrador dog. My girl is almost 9 years old. The choice of the breed was obvious: we are a young energetic family. with a good sense of humor - Labrador fits perfectly into these parameters.

For those who choose a dog, it is very important to know that the Labrador is very mobile at any age, will not let you get bored either at home or on the street. Therefore, it can be difficult for older people. Immediately you need to understand that the dog is large and despite the short coat during seasonal molting, there will be a lot of it on your clothes, carpets, and even your bed. Also, Labradors are allergic, we have been picking up shampoos and food for more than one year. But if the dog is a member of your family, then you can handle it without problems.

#9 The most of the most!

Our Labrador taught me to see in animals - people.

It so happened that six years ago a Labrador appeared in our family. We bought it in December, as a present for our daughter for the New Year. We chose our dog very carefully. We considered different breeds but still decided to stay on the Labrador Retriever breed.

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