18 Pictures That Prove Doberman Pinschers Are Perfect Weirdos

Dobermans never ignore or offend the weaker ones. When playing with children, they behave very carefully so as not to inadvertently knock the baby down. Dobermans treat those around them – both people and other pets – with respect. However, such qualities of a Doberman in no way speak of his timidity. On the contrary, Doberman is very confident in himself and does not seek to demonstrate his superiority in front of anyone. Selfishness, harmfulness, and stubbornness are not characteristic of him. He is collected and always strives to be helpful.

Dobermans have a moderate temperament. Their behavior is calm and friendly, but in case of danger, they react with lightning speed.

The talents of fighters and defenders are inherent in the Dobermans at the genetic level. With proper training, these dogs can be ideal bodyguards and watchmen.

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