20 Breed Reviews: Beagle (Part 3)

#7 NOT for an apartment, NOT for children. Have pity on the dog, she’s a super hunter!

#8 Where did you take the hares and foxes?

For this dog to be happy, it must live outside the city, and not in an apartment. It's great if the breeder is a hunter. She does not bark, but howls a lot - at the sight of other dogs, left alone, with new guests ... Walking in the forest, she runs away for a long time, forgetting about any training and this is normal (!) - the hunter's instinct. I strongly recommend NOT to have a cute puppy for a child, this is a hunting race not for an apartment and a sofa!

#9 Overestimated my dog breeder skills!

It requires a lot of attention and constant upbringing, it can chew on everything in the apartment, if you do not close it in a cage.

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