20 Breed Reviews: Beagle (Part 3)

#19 A bored beagle alone is a thunderstorm of slippers, balls and home comfort. There are also happy exceptions.

#20 This dog has a compact body and soft long ears … The Beagle is kind, loyal, patient, cheerful.

Beagle is a hunter, with all that it implies. Loves to walk, play and run. But I do not advise letting go of the leash, he can get carried away by smells and run away from the owners. In fact, this dog has more pluses than minuses to train it quite easily due to the fact that it loves treats and will do whatever is asked for the reward in the form of a cookie. He easily gets along with other animals and small children, has excellent health, does not require special care, because he is very clean.

It is a pleasure to live with such a dog. But they are terrible beggars. As soon as I go to the kitchen, my dog immediately follows me, and when he eats, she looks at me pitifully.

I am happy with this dog and the breed too. The best breed for me !!!

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