24 Surprising Facts About Peafowls

Peafowls for their magnificent tail have become a kind of symbol of external beauty and dapperness. Perhaps, only the tail makes these birds stand out from many others. The tail serves male peafowls to attract mainly females – the more magnificent the tail, the more attractive the male. However, it must be admitted that thanks to this tail, peafowls are rightfully considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world.

  • Peafowls are considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world due to their luxurious “tail” fanning out. True, such a catchy beauty is inherent only in males.
  • In fact, the peacocks’ tail is very small and unremarkable. Feathers, forming a multi-colored “fan” behind them, grow above the tail.
  • Peafowls are close relatives of chickens.
  • Peafowls are featured in many proverbs, idioms, and works of art.
  • Peafowl is one of the constellations in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • The common peafowl is a national symbol of India and Iran, as in Hinduism this bird is revered as sacred.
  • Since 1956, the American television company NBC has used 4 versions of a peafowl as its logo.
  • In the Yezidi religion, the supreme archangel Malak Tavus is depicted as a peafowl.
  • Peafowls live for about 20 years. Their beautiful feathers grow when the birds are 3 years old.
  • Each male Peafowl cohabits simultaneously with three females.
  • A fan of feathers helps males to attract representatives of the opposite gender – most birds use singing for this, but peacocks have a voice that is not at all pleasant.
  • The length of one peacock feather can be up to 2 meters.
  • Peacocks need feathers not only to attract females but also to scare off enemies – the predator sees many “eyes” that appear from nowhere, gets lost, and retreats.
  • The peacock “tail” has a third purpose – birds communicate with it. Scientists have found that peacock feathers when moving, transmit infrasound, which people cannot hear. Presumably, this is how the birds warn each other about the danger.
  • Peacocks fly well, despite their long bulky feathers, although they do it quite rarely.
  • Peacocks are very cautious birds, by their behavior you can learn about the approach of natural disasters, for example, a strong thunderstorm or hurricane.
  • In the east, peacocks are considered a symbol of immortality and pride. In Russia, their image is rather associated with immoderate pride and self-admiration.
  • In some countries, it is believed that keeping peacock feathers at home is a disaster.
  • Tibetan monks believe that peacock meat improves tone and immunity, and also helps to cure eye diseases.
  • In the past, a fan of peacock feathers in ladies’ hands meant belonging to the upper strata of society. The knights used feathers to decorate their helmets.
  • Peacock tattoos symbolize beauty, kindness, and the desire for vibrant, full of life events.
  • In southern countries, the mating games of peacocks occur during the rainy season, so many locals believed that these birds were able to call rain.
  • Peacocks are excellent hunters for young cobras, so in India, they are often kept near houses, despite the piercing cries of birds that interfere with sleep at night.
  • The body length of a peacock is 100-125 centimeters, however, taking into account the feathers of the upper tail, this figure triples.
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