30 Little Known Animal Facts That Will Make You Smile

#11 Bristles also form a lifelong union. If they separate for any reason, they float over the coral reef and look for each other.

#12 Not yet hatched chicks communicate with each other and with their mother.

About a day before hatching, you can hear the squeak of a chicken. When Mom hears a squeak, she starts to cluck in response, thereby calming the agitated chicken.
There are about 24 sounds that chickens make from eggs when communicating with each other.

#13 Otters hold on to each other during sleep, so as not to swim away from each other.

#14 Due to the fact that the squirrels forget where they hid the collected nuts, up to several hundred nuts can accumulate in the trees.

#15 Polar bears rub nose on nose to ask other bears, for example, where food can be found. This gesture is considered good manners and is often shared with those who use it.

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