30 Little Known Animal Facts That Will Make You Smile

#26 Goats have accents just like humans.

#27 This baby is called a pig-nosed bat, and this is the smallest bat, and the smallest mammal in the world – body length 2.9 – 3.3 cm, forearm length 22 – 26 mm, weight 1.7 – 2 g.

#28 Dogs sneeze to inform other dogs that they are friendly. When one dog has a friendly fight with another, he sneezes to inform the “opponent” that they are just fooling around. This prevents the situation from spiraling out of control and turning into a real fight.

#29 Some freshwater turtles breathe partially through special anal sacs.

#30 When a cat “butts” a person, she thereby shows her trust so that the person knows that the animal is not dangerous.

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