31 Awesome Facts About Everything

The facts below have been collected not only for your information but also for your pleasure. It is impossible not to smile while reading them. These are the most incredible facts, which does not prevent them from being a reality.

Incredible facts from life: is your car a Volkswagen Beetle? Then you know firsthand what size a white whale’s heart is.

They decided to protect birds from cats in the city of Cresskill, New Jersey. The know-how is that every cat must have 3 bells on the collars. Having heard the ringing, the birds will be aware of where their offender is.

It turns out that a female pigeon needs the presence of a male to lay eggs normally.

Even an unborn shark can be dangerous. As an embryo, the shark is already able to show its teeth.

Caught in the clutches of a crocodile? Do not despair! Press your fingers on his eyeballs and instantly you will be released.

Did you know that a chameleon’s tongue is twice as long as its body? I wonder where it fits there.

It happens that, while studying in his second year, Michael Jordan could not play basketball. They simply did not take him, he did not fit in height.

A separate item in the budget of the Kenyan, the column is spelled out – “bribes”.

Do you think a person is not capable of overtaking a car? But no. Any runner can do this for the first 10 meters.

It would seem that the hummingbird is a small harmless bird, but knows how to fly backward.

And there are exceptions among lizards. Komodo lizards are such lizards that deer and even wild boars are afraid of.

One in four Americans is a celebrity! It was shown on TV at least once.

Men are divided 50 to 50: those who wash their hands and those who do not wash their hands after using the toilet. What number are you?

Each canary is capable of changing color, depending on what you feed it. For example, with yellow, she can turn bright orange if red pepper is present in her diet.

A feather fell from one wing – you need a feather to fall from the other. This is the principle of all eagles.

Did you know that to crack a nut, you don’t need any tool, just put it in hot water for 48 hours.

This is what our builders should learn from builders from Ancient Egypt. They built in such a way that even the blade would not pass between the slabs of the Cheops pyramid.

In Finland, they figured out how to teach men to carry their wives in their arms. Women’s Drag Championship. The winner gets as much beer as his wife weighs.

Eagles are not looking for easy ways. Mate right in flight.

Statistics: Many more deer are killed by the fault of the drivers than by the guns of the hunters.

Tapeworms are so tenacious that they will eat themselves if there is a shortage of food. It’s amazing that they eat up to 95% of their body.

We’ve been deceived for so many years. It turns out that there are no penguins at the North Pole.

Interestingly, only the Indian elephant is trainable. But African is not.

Only a rat can fall from a five-story building, get up and move on.

Alcohol affects everyone differently. Scorpio, for example, under the influence of alcohol, can sting himself to death. Moreover, just one drop is enough for him.

It turns out that English is the third most common language. The second is Spanish. But the laurels of the championship go to the Chinese language.

Japanese women are considered to be the longest living women, with an average life expectancy of 84 years.

Not only does not everyone have a telephone, but 70 percent of the world’s population has never heard a call at all.

Interesting, but true. In order not to freeze in the fierce winter, Pablo Picasso had to burn his paintings.

A fully loaded tanker traveling at medium speed takes about twelve minutes to come to a complete stop.

Only a jet plane can overcome the speed of sound.

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