5 Surefire Tips To Get Comfortable With Your New Horse

A Woman stands next to her horse in a forest
A woman and her horse

Being a first-time horse owner is both exciting and daunting. You may have similar feelings even as a seasoned one when bringing home a new equine companion. Either way, you will need to invest the effort to get comfortable with your new pet. Everything boils down to building a healthy relationship with the animal, but do not expect it to be a breeze. Your pet will not automatically feel comfortable in your company, as bonding can take time. Here are some surefire tips on developing an easy bond with your equine with minimal effort.

Invest quality time

Horse owners often run on tight schedules, making it hard to spend quality time with their pets. But the last thing you should do is show up only for riding time. Invest time just to visit and bond with the animal. Try simple ways to connect with the equine in a relaxing way. For example, you can scratch and groom the animal, let it do some hand grazing, or simply hang out together.

Bring treats for the animal

Besides spending quality time together, consider bringing treats for your new equine. Many seasoned owners may discourage you from feeding treats to the animal. But the trick actually works wonders when it comes to building a comfort level with the pet. Just be sure to feed treats safely and without going overboard, and you will find your horse looking forward to being with you.

Educate yourself

Educating yourself is perhaps the most significant part of horse ownership and relationship building in the long run. Fortunately, there is loads of information everywhere. You can get valuable insights into animal bonding from seasoned horse owners. Even better, explore online equine courses to gain real-world education on connecting with horses. It gets you in a good place than the random information floating on the internet. While newbies must absolutely tale up a course, even experienced people must consider it to upgrade their skills.

Learn the equine body language

Developing a comfort level with an animal requires a good understanding of its body language. After all, it is the only form of communication with human beings. Learn to observe and read the facial expressions of your pet, and pay attention to its ears, tail, and posture. It may take some time to read the cues, but you can learn the ropes sooner than later, provided you pay enough attention. Also, be conscious about your body language when around the horse.

Be firm and consistent

Bonding with a horse is much like interacting with kids. You have to be firm and consistent in your leadership to send a clear message to the equine. Set clear expectations regarding the animal’s behavior and manners, and communicate them as a part of the training. Being consistent is equally crucial because horses are creatures of habit. They are comfortable with consistent schedules, cues, and behaviors.

When you buy a horse, do not expect to develop a comfort level with it right away. Give it time and make the bonding journey a happy one. Most importantly, build mutual trust and respect, and comfort will follow naturally.

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Written by Alice White

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