8+ Most Frequently Asked Questions About Pugs

A Pug is a small, funny-looking dog, convenient for keeping in apartments, which becomes not only a good companion in life for single adults and the elderly but also a full-fledged member of families with children.
Potential owners of this breed of dogs often have questions, you can find answers to many of them in our article.

Is it true that Pugs snore?

True, but not often and not as loudly as some think and not all Pugs make sounds in their sleep. Pug owners believe that this is not snoring, but a cozy sniffing, which is quite conducive to good sleep.

Are Pugs slobbering?

This brachycephalic breed tends to slobber quite a bit, because of their compressed jaws, large loose lips, and exposure to heat. It’s totally normal for Pugs to drool on occasion, especially, if they’ve overheated.

Can Pugs swim?

Someone is not very good at it, but someone swims professionally and also dives. But almost all Pugs love water, especially in hot weather.

Is there a breed like the Mini Pug?

No, this variety does not exist. There is a single breed of Pug, registered in the International Register, FCI, which has a single standard.

If we bought a puppy in winter, can we walk with him until spring?

After the puppy has been vaccinated, you should start walking with him at any time of the year. Some things are irreparable if not done on time! If you want to raise a sociable, fearless dog, and, moreover, if you plan to engage in an exhibition career of your Pug, then the socialization of the puppy should be done from an early age! The time of the dog passes faster than our time. You do not walk with the puppy for a month or two or three, but for him, 6-12-18 of our months pass. Then you take him out into the street, and the puppy is afraid. This is the same as keeping a child at home without leaving until 1-2 years old.

How long do Pugs live?

Like any small breed, Pugs live, on average, 12-14 years (and more, depending on health and conditions)

At what age can a puppy be picked up from a breeder?

No responsible breeder will give you a puppy before 2 months! By this time, the puppy will already be weaned from its mother and accustomed to self-feeding, will have basic cleanliness skills, will be registered in the club (where he will receive his “Puppy Card”), and will already be vaccinated.

Pugs are short-haired, but shed a lot?

Yes. The Pug has a short coat, but it requires a lot of maintenance because The Pug sheds about all year round. Therefore, the Pug needs to be combed out several times a week.

How long does it take to care for a Pug every day?

Actually, not that much. Wipe the fold over the nose daily. Weekly, you should comb your Pug, keep their muzzle clean and wipe dust and dirt from their eyes. Grooming your Pug will take approximately 20 minutes a week. On a monthly basis, you must trim the claws and bathe the Pug.

How to feed your Pug puppy correctly?

Up to 2 months, the puppy is fed 6 times a day every 3 hours. It is best to give goat milk: 2-3 months – 5 times a day on schedule. Raw liver, boiled fish, and minced meat are introduced. From 4 months they transfer to four meals a day and give everything that adults eat. From half a year – three meals a day. Adult dogs are fed the same way. But if your schedule does not allow it, then you can transfer the dog to two meals a day at the age of 10 months.

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