9+ Pros and Cons of Owning an Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher is a small dog with an assertive disposition. It is easy to maintain and does not require much maintenance.



Affenpinschers love to take an active part in the life of the family, following the owner literally on the heels. They are also suitable for those who are used to traveling, making long trips. Dogs can easily endure the road and change of scenery – if only the adored owner was there. Pets do not accept strangers, so they become great, loyal guards. They are always ready to rush to protect those whom they consider being the most important in their lives. Therefore, their small size should not be misleading.

The breed will be suitable for people with animal hair allergies. Pinschers are hypoallergenic individuals and practically do not shed.

The disadvantages in the character of Affenpinschers, first of all, should be attributed to jealousy. They do not get along well with other animals, of whatever species they are. Also, you should not start an individual of this breed if there are small children at home. The dog may think that the baby wants to encroach on his territory, and will actively begin to guard it. The dog is unlikely to like hugs or games from the side of the child.

The mobile, restless Affenpinscher loves to walk along the street, but because of desperate courage, he can easily rush at a dog passing by, no matter how large it is.
Affenpinschers are difficult to classify as quiet breeds. According to the owners, keeping them in cramped apartments would be the wrong decision. Any stranger will be greeted with loud and shrill barking, which is unlikely to please the neighbors.

Pets really do not like loneliness and for quite a long time remain puppies by mentality. Therefore, they require undivided attention, games, and a large number of toys to themselves, otherwise they begin to play naughty, gnaw furniture or shoes.

Care and maintenance

Keeping Affenpinschers isn’t that hard. Despite their stubborn and sometimes even harmful nature, living with them in the neighborhood will cause only pleasant emotions.

The maintenance and care of Affenpinscher do not require a long time or special knowledge. Everything is simple enough.

The pet’s eyes need to be regularly wiped with a cotton pad moistened with cooled boiled water or a special lotion. The hair around the eyes is carefully trimmed. This will help relieve your dog of vision problems.

It is necessary to take care of the fur on the animal’s face daily. For this, the muzzle is washed, freeing from crumbs and dirt.

Affenpinscher’s ears are examined at least once a week. In case of contamination, they are cleaned with ordinary cotton swabs, without going very deep.

If during walks the dog does not walk on asphalt or another hard surface, then its nails are not ground. They are trimmed with special tongs every 3-4 weeks.

Teeth are brushed daily with toothpaste designed for dogs to prevent plaque and tooth decay.

The most difficult thing for the owner is the care of the pet’s coat. Comb it out at least twice a week. Quite often it is necessary to carry out a haircut for hygienic purposes. Regular grooming prevents hair from frizzing and matting. In addition, trimming makes the animal’s fur softer and more manageable.

Decorative haircuts are optional. However, they give the dog a well-groomed appearance and even more resemblance to monkeys.

When brushing at home, it is best to use a natural bristle tool. If a tangled ball of wool is encountered, it should be carefully untangled with your hands and only then combed with a brush. Affenpinschers are not prone to molting, which allows them to be kept by families with allergies.

Washing the animal is recommended no more than twice a month using special softening shampoos for dogs.

The compact size of Affenpinschers allows them to be kept in small apartments. However, one should not forget about active walks with games at least twice a day. The dog should spend all his irrepressible energy on the street so that at home he does not have the thought of playing pranks.

Walking the pet must be carried out on a leash, as he does not like to meet with other dogs and may start a quarrel.

It should be noted that, despite their rather difficult nature, Affenpinschers are recognized as loyal pets and good companions. With proper care and a competent upbringing, they bring a lot of joy to the owners.


  • boundless love for the owner;
  • good watchdog qualities;
  • compact size;
  • the possibility of keeping in small apartments;
  • hypoallergenic.


  • poor getting along with other pets;
  • aggressiveness towards strangers dogs and cats while walking;
  • loud barking to any stimuli;
  • excessive demanding attention from the owner;
  • dislike for children.

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