A Domestic Cat Saved the Owner, Who Fell into a Coma

A former nurse at the Royal Blackburn Hospital, 48-year-old Janet Rawlinson, who suffers from severe back pain, took morphine as directed by her doctor. Some time ago, the woman took another dose of the drug, which caused an unexpected reaction in her body – the woman fell into a coma. This story would have ended tragically if not for the cat named Slinky Malinki, who came to the rescue of the owner.

According to the 48-year-old British woman, the pet became suspicious when it rubbed against her legs and did not feel a response in the form of affectionate stroking.
“If Slinky Malinki did not see me for several hours, then he ran into the house, looked for me and, if I didn’t pay attention to him, rubbed against my legs or hands until I started stroking him,” she later told reporters … “Apparently, that time the cat acted as usual, and was alerted when he saw my motionless body.”

The pet, who did not wait for affection, climbed the fence and began to provoke the neighbor’s dog. In the end, the dog got angry and burst into loud barking, which attracted the attention of its owners. Peering out of the window, Rawlinson’s neighbors watched in amazement as the cat jumped off the fence and climbed onto the windowsill, tapping on the glass with its paw.

“Slinky Malinki tortured the dog and knocked on the window to get the attention of my neighbors, Mel and Stephen. He had never done that before, so the neighbors guessed that something was wrong. They remembered that they had not seen me for several days and immediately rushed to my house. When Stephen failed to wake me up, he thought I was dead and called the police. Fortunately, the doctors managed to get me out of the coma, and now I’m fine. I never tire of thanking Slinky for saving my life. If not for him, then who knows when I would have been discovered, ”concludes Janet.

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