Airedale Terrier: Training

The Airedale Terrier is a beautiful, proportionally built dog, capable of mastering a variety of activities. He can work as a watchman, nanny, guide of the blind, hunter, policeman, athlete, serve in the army, and at the same time remains a wonderful companion.

The best host for the Airedale Terrier is a person who is not alien to an active lifestyle. The pet will be happy to accompany you on long walks, cycling, or jogging.

The little Airedale Terrier is tireless, agile, intelligent, and inquisitive. He learns exclusively in a playful way.

Thanks to its high level of intelligence and energy, raising and training the Airedale Terrier with the right approach will bring more joy than disappointment. It is imperative that praise is used much more often than censure.

However, a beginner or a person who is not very familiar with the peculiarities of the breed may periodically fall into despair when training the Airedale.

The main complaint of an unlucky trainer to Airedale Terrier is stubbornness, which the donkey will envy. Indeed, if this dog resists, you can kill it or feed all the sweets, while the dog will still do only what it sees fit. And even crack.

Why is this happening? Everything is very simple: the Airedale Terrier has become trite and bored.

For some breeds, this strategy works, but this trick will not work with the Airedale. Even if, at the cost of incredible efforts, you manage to make him obey under severe pressure, you will not be able to be sure of your pet. And at the most inopportune moment, he will surely recoup: he will throw out something that will plunge you into an abyss of despair.

Airedale terriers are independent, extremely intelligent, and extremely cunning. Therefore, they can give master classes on the art of insubordination. Where another dog would have given up long ago, exhausted by the struggle, the airedale will come up with a thousand and one ways to resist. Sometimes it feels like these dogs are simply too smart to be disciplined. Airedale Terrier quickly realizes that “work loves fools” and tirelessly proves to everyone around that he certainly does not belong to the category of fools.

What to do? Like everything ingenious, the secret is simple, but not available to everyone. The key to the heart of the Airedale is constant interest.

Start working with your Airedale puppy the moment it arrives at your home. And so that the process of training the Airedale Terrier does not turn into continuous torture either for you or for the pet, from early childhood teach him that classes are not punishment, but a fun and entertaining game. In this case, the remarkable intelligence and passion of the Airedale will become your ally, and the pet will learn with such pleasure that you will also have to restrain its ardor!

Airedale terriers are very smart and reckless. Use this quality, direct in the right direction – and you will achieve such successes that owners of other breeds never dreamed of.

With the right upbringing, these “anarchists” demonstrate angelic obedience that everyone around them will envy.

Airedale Terrier is a box of surprises. It happens that you learn a technique for a long time, but all to no avail. And suddenly, when you are already overwhelmed by despondency, the command is not just executed, but executed perfectly – and the dog continues to perform it flawlessly for the rest of his life. Therefore, do not get irritated or despair if something does not work out in the training of the Airedale Terrier the first time.

Airedale Terrier does not complain about memory. Everything that I learned once, remembers forever.

Know when to stop. If you force your pet to follow perfectly learned commands dozens of times, he will lose all interest in you and in the activities. But if necessary, you will be surprised at the tirelessness and endurance of the Airedale Terrier.

Representatives of the breed are annoyed by walking exclusively on a leash. Being attached to you, they will not be able to satisfy their passion for knowledge of the world around them and give an outlet for seething energy. In this case, an interesting, but inaccessible fusion of images and sounds will begin to occupy all his thoughts, and at the first opportunity, the pet will go on an independent expedition. Walking turns from pleasure to struggle as you try to keep the dog on a leash and stop it from running.

Give Airdale Terrier the ability to run off a leash. Beck him up periodically, sometimes (not every time!) Fasten the leash, and then let go again, treat him with the stored treat, and play with him. Of course, for such walks, you need to choose safe places, without cars, a large crowd of other people and dogs.

The Airedale Terrier is not a dog that will follow you and look into your eyes on a walk. However, if you do everything right, he will watch you closely and instantly respond to commands or warnings.

Of course, the ability to walk on a leash is a vital necessity. But whenever possible, try to give the pet independence. This will benefit your relationship.

Many owners are interested in how quickly the Airedale Terrier grows up. As a rule, he becomes an adult at about two years old. And the transformation is unexpected and instant. Not only you will notice this, but also those around you (both dogs and people). If earlier someone offended the Airedale, now he can “avenge” everything in bulk.

Airedale Terriers are intelligent and do not conceal a stone in their bosom. Unreasonable aggression does not occur in them. At the same time, they perfectly master the protective guard service and are able to protect the owner’s family, car, and house.

If you do everything right when training the Airedale Terrier, the Airedale Terrier will reward you a hundredfold. The dog will bring you a lot of joy, you will get a loyal friend and protector with amazing potential.

However, the intelligence and learning ability of the Airedale Terriers allows you not to dwell on the minimum course of obedience. Airedale Terriers showed themselves excellently as athletes (agility, frisbee, freestyle, obedience, protective training, search and rescue service, and other types). The Airedale Terrier, when handled correctly, is a truly versatile dog, intelligent and resilient.

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