Akbash Dog: Price, Temperament, Life Span

Name: Akbash
Other names: Akbaş Çoban Köpeği, Akbash
Country of origin: Turkey
Size Type: Large Breed Dogs
Group: Working Dog Breed
Life span: 10 – 11 years
Temperament: Intelligent, Independent, Loyal, Brave
Height: Males: 71-86 cm; Females: 69-81 cm
Weight: Males: 41-64 kg; Females: 34-48 kg
Color: White
Price of puppies: $700 – $900 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

Akbash Dog

Akbash is an excellent shepherd’s guard dog. The features of its temperament include a calm, non-aggressive attitude towards people. The popularity of this breed is not particularly high.

Akbash puppy. Average price: $800 USD

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  1. Thank you for correcting the puppy the picture so promptly. It is nice to see a site that is reactive to issues, however minor to the world in general, but one important to us who work with these phenomenal gaurdians.

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