Akita Health Issues

Large shaggy and very cute dogs of the Akita Inu breed have won love not only among the inhabitants of their native Japanese islands but also among pet lovers all over the world.

A happy owner of a dog of this breed should not worry too much about the high cost of medicines for animals, because the Akita Inu has inherited good immunity and good health. The list of Akita Inu diseases is small.

When choosing a puppy and subsequent care for him, attention should be paid to the health of his joints. Dogs of this breed are prone to hip dysplasia. The disease can be hereditary or acquired due to incorrect content. With a balanced diet and correctly calculated physical activity, you can completely avoid the disease or significantly reduce its consequences.

Even at an early age, in 6-8 week old Akita puppies, you can observe a twist or eversion of the lower or upper eyelids. In this case, the eyes are injured, lacrimation is observed, and there may be a deterioration in vision. The problem is eliminated by surgery. Akita also has eye diseases: retinal atrophy, glaucoma, cataracts, and other diseases.

It happens that Akita Inu puppies are born deaf. This disadvantage will of course prevent them from participating in further breeding, but it will not make them more stupid or less loyal.

Bloating is a common problem for this breed of dog. This is manifested by the rounding of the abdomen after eating, soreness, the elasticity of the walls of the abdomen when probing. The dog behaves restlessly, groans. To prevent the disease, you do not need to give your pet easily fermenting foods (onions, cabbage, missing meat). If bloating still occurs, it is better to consult a veterinarian; in severe cases, volvulus may occur, which will lead to surgical intervention.

With an unbalanced diet, Akita often develop thyroid diseases. Hormonal disorders affect the entire body, and the treatment is long and difficult, so it is better not to allow them at all.

The breed peculiarity of these dogs is the poor tolerance of some drugs, including anesthesia. So, if a naturally strong animal still gets to the veterinarian, the owner should inform the doctor about this feature of the pet and carefully monitor the dog’s condition during anesthesia. It is best to choose clinics equipped with resuscitation equipment.

The list of Akita Inu diseases to which dogs are predisposed is small, but you should not think that animals do not need care and attention. Infinitely loyal to the owner, they will be next to a person throughout their life and making it a full-fledged task of every loving owner.

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