Akita Inu: Temperament

The temperament of the Akita Inu is distinguished by courage, fortitude, and stubbornness. She is affectionate and loyal with loved ones, willingly plays, but she is distrustful of strangers, carefully studies new people.

The representative of the breed will be happy to take part in all your affairs. He will collect the scattered children’s toys and things – and bring them to you with a sense of accomplishment. There is a belief that these dogs do not bark. However, they are quite talkative, may grumble, grumble or mumble something.

Akita Inu needs regular physical activity. They cannot stand boredom. And if they feel weak, they will certainly take advantage of it.

Socialization is extremely important for them – from an early age.

Despite their pride and independence, they are excellent companions and wonderful guards. Family and home for these dogs are sacred, and they will selflessly protect loved ones.

Akita is balanced. Even if there is one, it is unlikely that it will create chaos or bark in vain. They are full of dignity, strictly control themselves and, even in a critical situation, rarely give vent to emotions, both positive and negative. But in games with children, they allow themselves to return to childhood and have fun for real.

Representatives of the breed do not make unnecessary movements do not fuss, so it is convenient to keep them even in a small area.

If Akita Inu barks, this is a reason to be wary – they do it only in extreme cases.

Akitas are very smart and independent, have excellent memory, are able to make decisions, and even go for a trick.

The representative of the breed will not forgive a condescending or contemptuous attitude. This is a companion, friend, family member, but not a “lower being.”

With other animals, the Akita Inu gets along well, especially if the pets grow up together, but only on the condition that the puppy was socialized at an early age. Your pet can show aggression towards other people’s dogs.

We emphasize that all the wonderful qualities of the breed are manifested only if you do not regret the patience, energy, and time for training and socialization. Akita is hardly suitable for a beginner. This is a powerful dog, and she expects firmness and self-confidence from the owner.

The Nature of the Akita Inu and Children

Akita Inu is becoming more and more popular, and many want to have this dog as a “nursery” – so that the child has a loyal and devoted friend. But you can’t buy a friend – you can only educate him.

Akita is not the most suitable dog for children. She is independent and self-reliant, and not every adult can properly educate her. The child is doomed in advance to defeat in this matter.

An experienced person may well choose a representative of the breed as a family dog. Not forgetting that care, education and training will fall on the shoulders of adults, not children. A properly brought up Akita gets along well with the younger generation, participates in all games and, if necessary, will protect. But she is unlikely to obey the child.

Don’t forget that if you take this dog to a home with children, it needs socialization. An ill-bred dog can bite a baby.

In any case, you cannot leave the Akita and the child alone, unattended.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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