All About Beetles: Chafer Beetle (19 Pics)

Chafer beetle is a dangerous pest of green plants. It does double harm not only to vegetable and garden plants but also to tree crops in gardens, forests, parks. Adults of the Chafer beetle can be classified as gourmets. They prefer oak, birch, maple, poplar, linden, rowan leaves to other forest and park species. Herbaceous weeds and cultivated plants are not of interest to them. Sometimes on these trees in May, you can see short garlands of Chafer beetles. The life period of an adult beetle is rather short and it does not have time to inflict significant harm, but its larvae with a long-term development cycle are less picky in nutrition and are able to destroy large areas occupied by agricultural crops in a short time.

The green (Chafer) May beetle got its name due to the fact that most often it appears when it becomes warm outside and begins its harmful and dangerous activity just at the end of spring, or more precisely, at the beginning of May.

#1 If you look at the photo of the Chafer beetle, you will immediately notice that it is a large insect.

Some representatives can even reach a length of up to 3 cm.

#2 Insects of this family always have a convex and very wide body, which in nature is dark brown or black, familiar to many.

#3 On the body of the beetle there is a shell, as well as a chest, always an abdomen and a head.

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