All About Beetles: Chafer Beetle (19 Pics)

#10 As a rule, in the adult stage, this insect lives for about a couple of months.

A special feature is that males always die almost immediately after the completion of the fertilization process. Females also die after laying eggs deep in the ground.

It is generally accepted that there are four stages of development of any May beetle: from an egg to an adult, there are two more stages: the larva, which was mentioned above, and the pupa. In total, insects live no more than four years.

#11 There are over twenty different types of beetles in total.

We most often see insects of black or red color. However, it is quite possible to meet some unusual species.

For example, the May beetle, which is called white, has an unusual color of shell. Experts also call this type of beetle marble.

#12 When asked what the Chafer beetles eat, it is worth emphasizing that they are very fond of shrubs with various berries, as well as young leaves of almost any fruit trees.

May beetle, which is more than one year old, often chooses barren trees for food.

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